Our Goals

The goals of PCWEA are to address watershed problems such as erosion and flooding, protect and enhance watershed resources, and to facilitate practical, hands-on education. Educational goals are focused on an understanding of the environment, and of conservation and environmental stewardship roles of watershed stakeholders, secondary school and local college/university students, and patrons of the Olewine Nature Center at Wildwood Lake Sanctuary.

Through the numerous vision and other stakeholder meetings that PCWEA has conducted and as part of River Conservation Planning efforts, performed by PCWEA and its partners, the organization has developed five action items which we believe to be necessary to advance the goals of protecting and enhancing watershed resources.

  Five Action Items:

  1. Adopt a shared image of an improved watershed that most stakeholders desire;

  2. Pass new land development ordinances for creating reduced impervious surface (possibly overlay districts based on stormwater management and Low Impact Development [LID]) and promoting infill in existing developed areas;

  3. Reduce and modify impervious surface by making surfaces more porous and retrofit existing stormwater facilities to markedly improve their performances;

  4. Achieve the maximum possible  local infiltration of stormwater and remove pollutants where runoff and seepage occur; and

  5. Alter the practices and habits of watershed stakeholders so as to decrease pollution and protect the creek.

Please assist us in addressing these action items and goals by joining the Paxton Creek Watershed and Education Association - see Membership page.


We could not accomplish these goals without the assistance of our Partners.

  Chesapeake Bay Targeted Watershed Grant

Assistance in whittling away at these goals has come through funding from a Chesapeake Bay Targeted Watershed Grant. To learn of projects performed through this grant, link to our BMP Tour - SORRY THIS IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE